Monday, 22 January 2018

Feel the Burns Hill Race Sunday 21st January

Colin Williams, Paul Nichol, and Alan Elder took part in an extremely snowy Feel the Burns Hill Race on Sunday. The course was shortened this year due to the recent heavy snow fall but still covered 7.6miles with an elevation gain of over 1,900 feet.

In addition Pete Hall was there marshalling as member of the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue, in which the race profits were given to as a donation to support the fabulous and essential work the TVMR does. And later that night having spent hours on the hill they were called out to rescue on the Southern Upland Way that didn't finish til 5am. Hats off!

Race Organiser report:
Due to the extreme weather we have had over the last week, the decision was taken to shorten the route. Weather forecast was for more heavy snow and the course already had a huge amount of snow on it! All the feedback was that it was the correct decision and the shorter route still proved to be a cracker! the results reflect the amended, shorter route.
We had quite a few call offs due to the forecast and people not keen to travel but pleased to still get 197 turn up!

The race was won by HBT's Doug Tullie 1:09:21. The snow would have slowed the leaders down relatively speaking as they were breaking track for a lot of it. Results:

Colin Williams
Moorfoot Runners
Paul Nichol
Moorfoot Runners
Alan Elder
Moorfoot Runners

The Carnethy website summed the the race up perfectly - Conditions were very difficult. Slippery snow quite deep in places, and hard to keep on the barely beaten track. In the most drifted places the passage of runners did little to create a path and the deep foothills threw you all over the place.
The front runners must have had a very hard time. So the decision to shorten the course was absolutely right. It was still a hard 7.6 miles, though it looked much shorter on the map compared to the full route. The hideously calorific haggis pie after certainly went down well!

It was a lot whiter than that on Sunday!
Bring on next year! Photos being added here:
At the moment this is the only Moorfoot action shot I can find

The snow was falling during the race - Colin lurking in the blizzard

Weekend 13/14 January - Inter-District XC at Holyrood Park, Paxton House Borders XC Series Rd 4

Beth Hobbs and Mairi Wallace were both representing East District on Saturday 13th at the Inter-District XC at Holyrood Park and ran very strongly, Beth finishing 17th and Mairi 22nd. Congratulations.
Jacob Adkin representing Scottish Students at the Inter-District XC Champs  on Saturday. He finished 17th in 27.22. Won by Scottish 10,000 & 5km champ Kris Jones in 25.55.
Sophie Collins, now at Edinburgh Uni, was also racing representing Scottish Unis team.

Round 4 of the Borders XC was at Paxton House on Sunday. 130 took part in the junior race with six Moorfoots in out of the 38 runners in the M10-11 categories finishing closely together: Ben Allan, Danny Lancaster, Thomas Hilton, Angus Carlyle, Cameron Carlyle, Kainui Keen 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 11, & 12th respectively. Two F12-13 ran - Esme Minto 2nd, Kate Harvie 5th.
In the senior race with 220 runners, Darin Dougal was first back in 17th & 5th M40, Mike McGovern 31st & 9th M40; Ian Munro 19th M50 and Mike Pearson 3rd M70.
 Well done all.
 Results, junior - Senior -

Monday, 8 January 2018

Race Round-up : Portobello Promathon, Greenmantle Dash, Kielder 10 Mile Trail race

Darin Dougal was in impressive action on New Year’s Day at the 31st edition of the Portobello Promathon. 307 runners took part in the  race by the sea front was won by Dermot Cummins (Corstorphine AAC) in 19.11.
Darin clocked a quick 22.45 for the 4 mile course to finish 24th, and importantly 3rd M40 in a quality field. Full results here

Andy Cox, Colin Williams, Dave Gaffney and Russell Anderson were in action in the Greenmantle Dash at Broughton on 2nd Jan. It was great to see Russell racing as he's not been in action since the Borders XC series 2016/17.

The race in only 2 miles long (1 up, 1 down) but comes with about 600 feet of climb and descent. It is described on the Scottish Hill Racing website:

A race to blow away the Hogmanay hangover and see in the New Year. The event has a carnival atmosphere with fancy dress and junior races, and presents a surprising array of obstacles for such a short route.
The race starts with a mass sprint from the Broughton Brewery to hurdle a stonewall, across playing fields, hurdle fence, wade river, negotiate marsh, cross road. Breathe. Then up through turnip fields before hitting the base of the steepest hill. Struggle up this and turn with juddering legs to hurtle precariously back down, and wind up for the final dash along the road to the village hall. Then catch your breath again.

The results are still not out, but as they have a keg on tap giving out beers in the hall does it really matter? The Moorfoot finishing order was Andy, Colin, Dave, Russell and took about 20 mins. Some pics from previous years!

Magnus Skea, Mike McGovern, Colin Williams, Robert Wilson and Barry Hughes all made the trip south of the Border to race at the Kielder 10 mile trail race.
A pretty low key event from the same organisers as the Glentress Trail runs there were just over 200 runners in cold and frosty conditions, icy underfoot at times. The race was won in 1:01:54 with Colin 4th in 1:06:27 (2nd M40), closely followed by Mike (1:07:16, 5th and 3rd M40), then Magnus 15th, 1:12:39; Robert 1:30:37 with Barry snapping at his heals just behind 1:30:45 with top 10 finishes in the M50 categories. Full results here

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Heads up - Carnethy 5 and 3 Eildons 10 Mile Trail Race entries open

Two races you need to act quickly for if you want to take part as they are both very popular  -

The ballot for entry for the very popular Carnethy 5 Hill Race by Penicuik, Saturday 10th February 2018,  has just opened closes on the 13th Jan:

Also the entry opened today for the 3 Eildons 10 Mile Trail Race, Sunday 25th February
'10 undulating miles of trail running taking in some spectacular scenery from the top of the Eildon Hills in Melrose, Scottish Borders'

Unfortunately there is a clash with the Eildons Trail Race with Glentress Trail Marathon, and is also the day after the National XC and the Glentress Trail Half Marathon and Night 10km

Image result for carnethy 5

Social Runs over the festive period

Some nice pics from the Boxing Day run up to Glentress mast

And the New Years Eve run on the Glen Estate and Loch Eddy



Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day Handicap Fun Run

Having checked with the Elf in Safety early in the morning, the handicap fun run was given the thumbs up by the man with the white beard and red hoodie, but with the caveat that diddy steps were taken on any slushy downhill sections and round the corners. This seemed to suit the wee guys who were off first with a second consecutive victory going the way of Mooney offspring, Ava taking the spoils this year. An excellent scratch time of 15.45 saw her home clear first and very deserving recipient of a box of chocs (as if she needed any more at this time of year) and much sought after Moorfoot Award Winner sports bottle. Ava very kindly shared her spoils around the runners in the Peel. Completing the podium were the McKean sisters Kate, who picked up six Elf slices for second, and Olivia who got the traditional tin of hot dog sausages for third, much to mum's nutritional delight!
Bobby Mooney had a ding-dong battle up the home straight with backmarker Euan Hood who just had the legs to gain fourth, with a very late sprint, Bobby's consolation being first senior finisher and the traditional reward of a bottle of scorching hot sauce.
A record turnout of twenty four finishers - well done all. Special mention for Kai Keen who was struck by a late sausage induced stitch but showed guts (thankfully not literally) to still finish.

Place Name H'cap Time Scratch Time Scratch Place
1 Ava Mooney 0.20 16.05 15.45 11
2 Kate McKean 0.00 16.35 16.35 19
3 Olivia McKean 0.10 17.36 17.26 20
4 Euan Hood 6.10 17.55 11.45 1
5 Bobby Mooney (Sen) 4.30 17.56 13.26 2
6 Fionn Hollingsbee 3.40 18.11 14.31 5
7 Danny Lancaster 3.40 18.33 14.53 7
8 Nathaniel Buckingham (Sen) 4.10 18.36 14.26 4
9 Holly Hobbs 2.50 18.38 15.48 13
10 Feargus Pearson 3.25 18.40 15.15 8
11 John Allan (Sen) 2.55 18.42 15.47 12
12 Beth Hobbs 4.30 18.52 14.22 3
13 Dave Hollingsbee (Sen) 2.55 18.54 15.59 14
14 Jake Lockyer 3.40 19.00 15.20 9
15 Madeline Collins 3.10 19.18 16.08 15
16 Eilidh Mooney 3.40 19.22 15.42 10
17 Lucie Allan (Sen) 3.10 19.28 16.18 16
18 Finlay Collins 5.00 19.34 14.34 6
19 Katie Buckingham (Sen) 3.10 19.43 16.33 17
20 Lindsay Pearson (Sen) 2.00 19.46 17.46 21
21 Megan Hobbs 3.25 19.59 16.34 18
22 Kai Keen 3.00 20.46 17.46 22
23 Sarah Keen (Sen) 2.00 20.47 18.47 24
24 Esme Minto 3.25 21.41 18.17 23

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

New Years Eve Club Run - Glen Estate and Loch Eddy from Innerleithen

Image result for glen estate innerleithen
Glen House (drone shot)
Andy Cox and Colin are organising a run at 10am on the morning of New Years Eve (31st Dec in case you are not sure!) as it falls on a Sunday this year. The run will be followed by mince pies and refreshments at Andy's house.

The run will be a low level long run to Loch Eddy in Glen Estate. It's almost 13 miles exactly from the meeting point outside No.1 CafĂ©, on the Innerleithen High Street at the junction of Traquair Road.  

The run will be about 70% on roads, 20% on hard track with about a 1 mile section of on soft ground. You will be OK to use road shoes but don't wear your racing flats! We expect the run to take up to 2.5hrs so plan accordingly. Depending on the spread of runners we can let the group split into two so all paces can be accommodated.

Glen Estate is a bit of gem and largely over looked. Here are some pics to give you a flavour:

Loch Eddy

Here is a the route from a run Andy and I did at the beginning of the year. Please note it shows 14 miles as I ran from my home, which adds a mile to the planned run.

Please let Colin know on a few days before at latest if you intend to come so we can get enough supplies.